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Located within 5 minutes of downtown, LA BARRA Tacos, Mezcal & Xocolatl is a culinary experience where you can taste signature mexican cuisine surrounded by a tropical scenery.

At BARRA, Aromo's culinary team presents Mexico's most iconic dish, TACOS, in different and tasteful varieties which go from the traditional to the unusual with ingredients such as duck, tuna, cauliflower and meat cuts; guests can enhance the flavors of each dish with our selection of MEZCALS to pair.

Xocolatl, an element of ancient mexican cuisine, is also present at LA BARRA with tastings of fine chocolate from AROMO Chocolateria which can also be paired with mezcals for an explosive combination of flavors. We suggest trying the Ensalada de nopal, Taco de Pulpo and Pan de Elote!

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